Furnace Cleaning and Maintenance

Why Clean your Furnace and ducts?

With all of the excellent work to improve the quality of outside air, the issue of indoor air quality has been ignored. Most individuals spend the majority of their time inside their homes or work places and usually do not worry about the quality of indoor air. However, the problem of indoor air quality is growing as the air within these indoor environments often contains substances that can make people sick or irritate people’s allergies


Most people do not realize that dust, bacteria, mites and sometimes mold are lurking in their home’s air ducts and vents. This filth is not only a nuisance, it can also be dangerous for small children and people with severe allergies, so every homeowner should look into duct cleaning.

Methods of Cleaning Furnace Ducts:

There are several ways to clean furnace ducts. Our way is to use an extremely powerful vacuum which remains in a truck outside. A long hose runs to the furnace area and attaches to the blower compartment in the furnace. From the rooms, mechanical brushes, air jet brushes or air snakes pull the dust loose within the furnace ducts and the dirt is sucked through the hose in the furnace to the vacuum truck.


Proper Duct Cleaning includes the following:

  • Cleaning of all registers
  • Furnace fan cleaning
  • Cleaning the inside of all ducts
  • Cleaning the inside of the heating system
  • Cleaning air conditioning coils


What the Cleaner should do:

  • They should gain access to every duct in your home, no exceptions
  • They will clean the heat exchanger
  • Clean both sides of the cooling coil (if there is central air conditioning in the home)
  • Straighten the cooling fins
  • Clean the film off the cooling coil
  • Clean the coil drain pan completely
  • Straighten and clean the blower blades of all dust debris and oil.
  • Remove all debris from plenums
  • Replace any filters that are broken or do not fit properly.
  • Reattach all registers. Grilles are firmly attached to the walls, floors and ceilings, and they are clean.


A proper cleaning will help reduce the air pollution in your home while improving your indoor air quality. 


ATTENTION:  Our company does NOT spray or fog the ducts upon completion of the work (claimed by some companies to get rid of residual bacteria or mold).  There are no products registered under the "Pest Control Products Act" in Canada for residential duct cleaning.  Registered products, if they existed, would have been tested for effectiveness and human safety.  A proper duct cleaning job does not require the use of a biocide to clean up missed areas.  Based on current research, broadcast spraying of biocides through houses is considered inappropriate if you wish to maintain good indoor air quality.